Technical Solutions – Reporting Regulatory
Technical Solutions – Reporting Regulatory
Technical Solutions – Reporting Regulatory
Technical Solutions – Reporting Regulatory

Technical Solution
Reporting Regulatory

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Join us Detail Page
Join us Detail Page
  • Clan: Tech Services
  • Specialization: Data
  • Location: Barcelona Madrid
  • Workday: Full-time
  • Contract: Permanent
  • Vacant: 1

We are looking for inquisitive and committed people. People looking to grow, but most importantly, to improve the surrounding environment. Are you one of them? Then this vacancy is for you!

What your day to day life will look like...

  • Direct, plan and develop the teamwork with a clear goal in mind.
  • Work on and satisfy the user’s needs, work with the internal stakeholders to define and create a process to carry it out, establish and administer the customer’s expectations, develop a detailed project plan, prepare jointly with the team the technical design of the solution, its scope and set goals.
  • Interface and collaborate with various internal and external departments.
  • Ensure that the proper standards defined for the life cycle of solutions of Reporting and Accounting projects.
  • Ensure the quality of the work done and the timely delivery of results.
  • Use the Agile/Waterfall methodologies to execute the project.
  • Design the project focused on a practical and collaborative application in major and complex implementations.
  • Know the market and the business vision of the project.
  • Lead the technical solution together with your development team. Know the Board tool well and give the best solution by understanding the business needs. Validate the solution once it is developed and demonstrate quality in the delivery to the business.
  • Independently lead every aspect of the project.
  • Define realistic performance metrics for the project, recognising the associated costs, identifying deficiencies and planning the way to solve similar problems in the future.
  • Anticipate any potential mishap before it affects the project. Adaptability and problem solving are key to maintaining control of the project.
  • Define realistic metrics for the project, recognising the associated costs.
  • Monitor the variability of performance testing over time
  • Constant communication with the accounting and reporting business units: Resolution, Risks, Finances, Accounting, Liquidity, Impairment, etc.

What projects do we develop?

We serve all departments through a self-service infrastructure that allows us to use data analysis resources and tools to make strategic decisions and provide more certainty to their action plans.

We give support by understanding the business needs and offering the best solution through technology scalable products within the field of Reporting and Accounting.
At the company level, we are on the road to the Cloud that will take the corporate data environment and the development of analytical use cases to new platforms and paradigms.

Key skills and requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering
  • Experience managing complex projects and major implementations
  • Experience in data and/or analytics projects
  • Ability to estimate resources and budgets for technological requirements
  • Ability to involve both developers and business areas to achieve the project objectives
  • Solid knowledge of data storage, integration and operations in Big Data environments
  • Analyse data independently using SQL Developer, SAS or BI applications such as QlikSense, with the aim of being able to analyse data and plan technical and functional improvements/needs within the department’s projects
  • Knowledge of project management using both Agile and Waterfall
  • Ability to adapt to both technical and functional needs of the project
  • Be able to analyse unfavourable situations and deal with them patiently and effectively through teamwork
  • Time management: Be able to comply with delivery times and dates while keeping proper control and organisation of the tasks
  • Experience in converting functional business requirements into analytical solutions
  • Ability to speak in public on a regular basis, convince and convey strategies
  • Results oriented and decisive
  • High level of English: conversational level required
If you are passionate about...

Transforming and providing value to business departments by enabling their everyday tasks through your knowledge of new technology and data analytics, this is the place for you, no question about it!

You deserve it

  • Your way_ Find the work-life balance you need with our hybrid working model. Up to 60% remote working depending on the project. 🀩
  • Rest_ You can have 27 days’ holiday a year with the option of choosing the best times of the year for you.
  • Be Tech, be healthy_ No more excuses. Take advantage of our Well-being programme. You can enjoy discounts in gyms, branch physio service, sporting tournaments, fruit, etc. β€πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈβ™€οΈπŸ‘¨β€βš•
  • Grow_ Our DNA [No Limits πŸš€, Tech4u πŸ’» y One Committed Team πŸ’ͺ]Β exists so that you can develop all your technical potential using our training and initiatives. Always stay up to date and learn from a team that you will guide in all your endeavours.
  • Working here pays_ Get more from your salary with the Flexible Remuneration Programme and take advantage of the financial advantages of working for a banking group.